Finding a robust, diverse selection of classical composers and repertoire with a focus on marginalized groups: OR  This online reference center makes available a “wealth of materials on African American history including composers, plus comprehensive, reliable, and accurate information concerning the history of African Americans in the United States and people of African ancestry in other regions of the world” Celebrating Black Artistry Through Music Composer directory and discography Listings of Black Women Composers “Jesse Montgomery Sphinx Organization is the social justice organization dedicated to transforming lives through the power of diversity in the arts.” Extensive site of African Heritage in Classical Music Organization promoting “classical composers, conductors, musicians and vocalists of color”

Native/Indigenous Composers and Performers; Supporting Indigenous Nations Land Use Acknowledgement Study, research and prepare for a Land Use Acknowledgement: (Voluntary Land Taxes, etc.)

Native American Composers:

Finding women composers and music by women:

Women Composers by Genre International Alliance for Women in Music Organization devoted to promoting “music composed by women through performance, education and commissions. Boulanger Initiative advocates and provides opportunities for women composers and all gender-marginalized composers including non-binary folks and trans people of all genders.” Listing of Black Women Composers

Smaller lists and articles as resources on Black composers and music:

Justice for all:

Equity in New Music:

DEAM Online Diverse Electro-Acoustic Music is a CROWDSOURCING EFFORT: If you choose to join this crowdsourcing effort, they ask that you send three pieces of information: 1) composer name, 2) composition title, and 3) point of access (if that composition is available at site such as YouTube, SoundCloud, or Bandcamp). The site will note your contribution to the list. They need a lot more composer names! 

Welcome to our "Widening the Circle" page. Its purpose is to spread open the confines of our networking circles to include more diverse voices and a greater variety of sounds, approaches, perspectives, talents and opinions. Fuse Ensemble's Widening the Circle page is meant to offer a variety of alternative viewpoints, bringing more people into the fold in an inclusive, engaging way that will allow all of us in the New Music Community to be enriched by it. It is not meant to create an environment where someone is "chosen" because of their race, gender or orientation, but to bring everyone in, creating a more just, colorful and invigorating creative arts environment that reflects our wishes for that. Please send us an email to add your list/s to the page!