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Inactuelles, Musiques Singulieres, a French music blog that reviews contemporary, electroacoustic and experimental music. 
"I am [enchanted] by the steps of the composer, who invents a different path for each piece."

From the New Music Website I Care If You Listen
“Biver creates a playground for internal exploration that is both fascinating and deeply effective….The best of Biver’s music lies in the layers; the moments where one instrument feels too close, or too separate, or where the listener questions whether the tapping and clicking audio tracks are coming from the album or from somewhere outside. Fuse Ensemble’s 3: The Music of Gina Biver demonstrates the enormous possibilities that come with composer-engineer crossovers–and it is just so much fun to listen to.” -Hannah Rosa Schiller

GRAMOPHONE REVIEW! “Gina Biver is a musical force of nature…”

​Review for 3 from Review Graveyard online, awarding the album 7 out of 10 stars:

Review from Textura:

Review for 3 from Cinemusical online, awarding the album a perfect score for both the recording and performance:

Feature spot for 3 on the Classical Music Discoveries podcast. I've linked the podcast episode below:

Review of our new album on Midwest Record, Entertainment News, Views, Reviews July 18, 2018 
​FUSE ENSEMBLE/3 The Music of Gina Biver: She doesn't look like an art chick that would show up in a dress made of meat but I guess looks can be deceiving. A highly personal and unusual album that goes way beyond even hippie, drug fueled experiments of the 60s, it just show to go you that you'll never know where someone can have a dark side that pops out unexpectedly. A progressive classical side to shoe gaze pop, this is certainly not a date for the feint hearted. Prepare for a sonic walk on the wild side. (Ravello 7993)

Reviews for Previous Albums and Events
To learn more about the ensemble, check out this interview Gina did on Crowdfunding Cast: 

French New Music Blogger Dionys reviewed L'Usina Mekanica here:

The Cellar Door, 2011 for piano, cello and electronics, which will be performed again during Fuse Ensemble's upcoming season, was premiered by the amazing Verge Ensemble featuring Jenny Lin and Tobias Werner at the Corcoran Gallery of Art on Sunday, April 17, 2011. Read the Washington Post Review here:

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Reviews on Sonic Circuits DC 2010: 

Fuse Ensembleʼs first CD was critiqued in a French blog by blogger Dionys on Inactuelles. It was a great review on a fantastic blog about modern music. Check it out here (you can try a google translation)

Fuse Ensemble was featured in a new film entitled: “Alt-Classical.” The Video, created by Mike Kravinsky, can be seen here: your paragraph here.Type your paragraph here.