News and Events

February, 2018

So much to report! It was a busy fall spent rehearsing and recording in Gina's studio. PARMA Recordings offered us a deal that would take the raw tracks we recorded through the mastering, producing, and artwork stages all the way to digital downloads, wallet-CD with booklet and international distribution on Naxos. We needed a KICKSTARTER campaign to help finance our portion of it and now PARMA will do the rest. Our KICKSTARTER succeeded on December 22, 2017. Woohoo!  Check it out here


To learn more about the ensemble, check out this recent interview Gina did on Crowdfunding Cast 


The final tracks from Scott Deal's performance on We Meet Ourselves for marimba and triggered audio were finished just last week and Gina is getting them prepared for delivery to PARMA. We will keep you posted on our progress. 


We are currently selecting music for our fall 2018 performance season which will include a premiere of Gina's new work Nimbus, a collaboration with poet Colette Inez and video/visual artist Ethan Jackson. 

We are hoping to present How to Make It Rain, a live score/performance for Edgar Endress's short film of the same name. It's a gorgeous film whose live percussion score will premiere at an upcoming concert of ours. Fuse Ensemble is once again thrilled to be working with percussionist Scott Deal, and showing work by artist Edgar Endress for this coming season.

Please see our Live Performances page for upcoming dates!

June, 2017

Fuse Ensemble is preparing for a several months-long recording project beginning in July, when five new pieces will be recorded, including Gina Biver's No Matter Where for piano, violin, clarinet, and fixed audio, We Meet Ourselves for marimba and triggered audio, Cellar Door, for piano, cello and 4-channel audio, Mirror, for Piano, Violin and spoken word, Girl, Walking, for flute, electric guitar, contrabass and found percussion. 

Upcoming show at An Die Musik!!

We are so excited to have been invited to play at An die Musik, an amazing concert venue in downtown Baltimore on October 9, 2018. It's a year away, but we will be throwing a party to celebrate ten years of performing together! More details to come, of course!

​April, 2016 

Fuse Ensemble will be performing at The Firehouse Space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, on Sunday June 5th at 5:00 p.m. Its a great place to hang, watch a performance and have some wine or beer! What could be better than that? Percussionist Scott Deal will join us again, this time to premiere “We Meet Ourselves” for marimba and triggered audio, and will be performing works by Eve Beglarian, Linda Dusman, Steve Antosca and Gina Biver. Come on out!! Check out the Firehouse Space here.

The second week of June 2016 will see Fuse Ensemble pianist Ina Mirtcheva and cellist Pam Clem perform Gina Biver’s The Cellar Door (2011) for piano, cello and 4-channel audio, at the New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival on Thursday June 16th at the Abrons Arts Center Playhouse in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Check out the festival at and the venue at

July, 2015

We are all shocked and saddened by the loss of our former percussionist Marshall Maley, who passed away after a short illness on July 28, 2015.  Marshall worked with us from 2008 - 2013, performing many of our concerts around the US and bringing his warmth and humor to performances and rehearsals.  Rest in peace, Marshall.

December 2014

Fuse Ensemble recently performed SKETCH, Musical explorations of identity, image, and the art of becoming at the Atlas Performing Arts Center in Washington, DC on November 7, 2014. The show included three premieres: Pazyryk for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, contrabass, piano and percussion by Rahilia Hasanova; Girl, Walking, for electric guitar, contrabass, flute and found percussion by Gina Biver; and a new video work by Edgar Endress with a vocal performance by Victoria Andreotti and audio by Gina Biver. Projected images of the haunting paintings by Dana Brotman were also part of our exploration of identity. We were very excited to have Scott Deal as our special guest on percussion!!

January 2013

Fuse Ensemble performed Voices of the Depths, Musings on CG Jung's Red Book with works by Eve Beglarian, Patrick Burke, Gina Biver, Adam Kendall and poetry by Colette Inez at the Kennedy Center Millennium Stage.  Click the link to watch!

June 2012

We had a fabulous time performing at The Firehouse Space in Brooklyn New York.  Browse Gina's youtube channel to watch:

Read on about Voices of the Depths, Musings on CG Jung's Red Book:   Inspired by the release of C. G. Jung’s Red Book, this new work by Fuse Ensemble contains music created by contemporary classical composers Steve Antosca, Eve Beglarian, Fernando Benadon, Gina Biver, Patrick Burke and Adam Kendall, as well as the poetry of Colette Inez. Central to the theme of the program is the element of water, a universal symbol of the unconscious. Along with acoustic and electric instruments -- waterphones, recorded tracks of water pipes and other water instruments create an electronic soundscape. Jung’s theories of the Collective Unconscious, the Archetypes and the Process of Individuation seep into this watery world in music and the live projected videos by videoist Adam Kendall create an amazing visual element to the concepts.

Fuse is excited to be working with videoist Adam Kendall for Voices of the Depths, Musings on CG Jung's Red Book.   


French New Music Blogger Dionys reviewed L'Usina Mekanica here:

The Cellar Door, 2011 for piano, cello and electronics, which will be performed again during Fuse Ensemble's upcoming season, was premiered by the amazing Verge Ensemble at the Corcoran Gallery of Art on Sunday, April 17, 2011. Read the Washington Post Review here:

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Fuse Ensembleʼs first CD was critiqued in a French blog by blogger Dionys. It was a great review on a fantastic blog about modern music. Check it out here (you can try a google translation)

Fuse Ensemble was featured in a new film entitled: “Alt-Classical.” The Video, created by Mike Kravinsky, can be seen here: your paragraph here.