Big Skate (2008), Fuse Ensemble's first album together, features special guest performances by Lina Bahn, violin, Scott Forrey, trumpet, Magus Magnus poetry, spoken word.  

Martha Haines, piano/synth, Greg Hiser, electric violin; Jennifer Lapple, flute; Krista Siachames, cajon, marimba on Train and Those Who Last; Marshall Maley marimba on Train, Angela Murakami clarinet; Gina Biver, guitar/electronics

All compositions by Gina Biver. Mastering by Evan Benjamin, Cover Art by Edgar Endress 

L'usina Mekanica (2010), is Fuse Ensemble's second release and features a kinetic table created by Peter Winant and Tom Ashcraft of Workingman Collective. Recorded live at the 2010 SONIC CIRCUITS DC Electronic Music Festival. 

Pam Clem, cello; Martha Haines, piano; Greg Hiser, violin; Jennifer Lapple, flute, Marshall Maley, vibraphone and percussion; Angela Murakami, clarinet; Krista Siachames, timpani, percussion; Jason Thompson, bass; Gina Biver, electric guitar, toy piano, music box, electronics

L'Inquietante etrangete composed by Jorge Sad,

all other music composed by Gina Biver

Artwork, live video and concept by Edgar Endress

Fuse Ensemble 3, The Music of Gina Biver (2018), was released on Ravello Records with worldwide distribution through Naxos. 3  features the poem "Empress in the Mirror" (c) 1972 by Colette Inez, used with permission from the Permissions Company of Carnegie Mellon University Press.

Greg Hiser, violin; Ina Mirtcheva Blevins, piano; Jennifer Lapple, flute; Ethan Foote, bass; Scott Deal, percussion; Pam Clem, cello; Angela Murakami, clarinet; Gina Biver, electric guitar, electronics, spoken word; Colette Inez, spoken word on "Mirror"

Executive Producer: Bob Lord

Mastering by Shaun Michaud, Lucas Paquette

Recording Engineers: Gina Biver and Steve Antosca

Mixing Engineer: Gina Biver