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Welcome to our site!  Fuse Ensemble is a concept-based new music/new media performing ensemble. Each season a concept is presented, giving voice to new music composers and creating musical happenings with visual elements of live, interactive video and/or kinetic installations. The musicians of Fuse perform on an eclectic mix of flute, clarinet, electric violin, electric guitar, cello, piano, electronic playback, live audio, percussion, and invented instruments. Linked by the insane possibilities of software such as MaxMSP/Jitter and Processing, sometimes using sensors on the musicians and live interactive cameras on stage, the artists create an experience that fuses sound, video and humans into a liquefied state and gives each concept a setting - a visual and kinetic environment to experience it in that furthers communication and unifies the concept. Fuse Ensemble is a member of New Music Equity Action and has a commitment of programming fairness and the inclusion of BIPOC  composers each season. Please see our "Widening The Circle" page here on our site for more information and community!

Fuse Ensemble is: Gina Biver, composer, director, electric guitar, electronics and laptop; Ina Mirtcheva Blevins, piano; Pam Clem and Erin Snedecor, cello; Scott Deal, percussion; Ethan Foote, contrabass; Greg Hiser, violin; Jennifer Lapple, flute;  Angela Murakami, clarinet.  This season, Fuse is excited to be working with artist Ethan Jackson, who will create live interactive video for Nimbus.

Now in its twelfth year, DC-based electro-acoustic chamber group Fuse Ensemble presents the premiere of Nimbus, by composer Gina Biver. Nimbus is an artistic collaboration between poet Colette Inez (1931-2018), composer Gina Biver and video artist Ethan Jackson that is based on seven poems on the early life of Colette Inez, the lovechild of a Catholic Priest and the young french scholar assigned to assist him. Included in the live set are works by composers Caroline Shaw, Ethan Foote, Alexis Bacon, Marc Mellits and Kevin Puts.  See our News/Reviews page for concert information!

Our most recent recording: NIMBUS was released in February 2021.  Watch for some upcoming reviews on our News/Reviews page.‚Äč                      

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