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Fuse Ensemble is a concept-based new music/new media performing ensemble.

Each season a concept is presented, giving voice to new music composers and creating musical happenings with visual elements of live, interactive video and/or kinetic installations. The artists create an experience that fuses sound, video and humans into a liquefied state and gives each concept a setting - a visual and kinetic environment to experience it in that furthers communication and unifies the concept.

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Fuse Ensemble is supported by Fuse Ensemble Arts Collective (FEAC) a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The mission of FEAC is to support the activities of Fuse Ensemble in their in concert performances throughout the US as they work to advance the awareness, equity, representation and opportunities for underrepresented composers and other artists with whom they collaborate, including women, Black, Indigenous and people of color, with a majority of their commissions for new music supporting this goal. 

Gina Biver, composer, director, electric guitar, electronics

Ina Mirtcheva Blevins, piano

Pam Clem, cello

Scott Deal, percussion

Ethan Foote, bass

Greg Hiser, violin, electric violin

 Yana Nikol, flute 

Angela Murakami, clarinet  

This season, Fuse Ensemble presents Breathe!! our current program of music that coincides with The Taxonomy of Breathing by DC-based IceBox Collective, a socially conscious, multidisciplinary artist group that works to foster critical thought and dialogue across cultural boundaries through art.

            Click here to listen or purchase Nimbus, our latest release on Neuma Records.